Why Image Carousels Are Almost Always A Bad Idea: A Closer Look

Why Image Carousels Are Almost Always A Bad Idea: A Closer Look

So the question was whether to have a long lengthy content scroll on the page on mobile or to bundle some of the content into carousels and add horizontal controls on them?

In some cases this approach would work perfectly well. But reading thru multiple articles and UX designers feedback. I come to conclusion that carousels are almost always a bad idea. Consider visiting this from Jared Smith.

Auto-Forwarding Carousels and Accordions Annoy Users and Reduce Visibility – NN/g

What Is an Image Carousel?

  • Static Image Carousels: Stay on the first image until manually prompted to move.
  • Auto-Rotating Image Carousels: Automatically cycle between images.

Why Do Brands Use Carousels?

  • Belief that more products lead to more conversions.
  • “Everyone is doing it” mentality.
  • Different departments want to convey their messages on the homepage.

A staggeringly low 1% of site visitors click on non-rotating image carousels (carousels that don’t change automatically) – ND.edu

Why Are Carousels Ineffective?

  • Low Engagement: Most visitors ignore them.
  • Poor Usability: Difficult to navigate, especially on mobile.
  • Relevancy Issues: Often not relevant to the user’s needs.

Personalization as alternative to carousels

What Can You Do Instead?

  • Use Static Offers: Highlight a single offer or campaign above-the-fold.
  • Personalize the Experience: Tailor content to the visitor, making it more relevant.
  • Highlight Popular Products: Focus on popular products instead of a carousel.


Though tempting, carousels often hurt the user experience and conversion rate. If you’re using a carousel on your site, consider updating your UX to better meet your customers’ needs.


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