Event Highlights: InsurTech MENA Summit 2023


Fostering Tangible Partnerships

InsurTech MENA Rising Summit 2023 brought together over 300 representatives from insurance companies, technology firms, startups, banks, and investors. Additionally, 1,100 people joined virtually, making it a truly global gathering. The three-day summit featured more than 600 meetings, making it an invaluable networking platform that fostered tangible partnerships.

One of the key themes that emerged from the summit was digital innovation. Participants explored how technology can revolutionize the insurance industry, paving the way for a tech-led future. Discussions also revolved around VC investment strategies and the funding landscape, shedding light on the avenues for investment in the InsurTech sector.

Africa InsurTech Rising

Another important focus was on strengthening synergies with Africa and deepening insurance penetration rates on the continent. Participants shared insights and strategies to expand insurance coverage in Africa, recognizing its potential as a growing market.

The summit also highlighted the emergence of a new regulatory environment driven by innovation. Participants examined the regulatory challenges and opportunities brought about by technological advancements in the insurance industry.


Scalability is not the same as Sustainability. Ability to scale is necessary for some InsurTech startups to raise funding. But it is mandatory to be sustainable to go for a long run. Being sustainable makes you win! Not swamping all the VC money.

Keynote by Chairman of MENA InsurTech Association

Salem Al Mannai, the Group CEO of QIC Group and Chairman of the MENA Insurtech Association, expressed his delight at hosting the event. He emphasized the importance of bringing together industry experts, innovators, and leaders to reshape the insurance industry. Al Mannai acknowledged the role of technology in driving the future of insurance and highlighted the significance of establishing partnerships to enhance organizational resilience and efficiency.

A legacy of Innovation by  InsurTech MENA  Rising Summit 2023

The scale of this year’s summit was truly remarkable, with a tenfold increase in attendance compared to previous years. This growth showcased the commitment of QIC Group to innovation and excellence. The summit served as a catalyst for inspiration, collaboration, and leadership in the InsurTech space.


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