Bard Journey & the Power of Collaborating with Generative AI

bard journey with AI

In less than two months since the launch of Bard, our groundbreaking experiment enabling collaboration with generative AI, the extraordinary ways in which people have engaged with it have left me truly astounded. Personally, I’ve discovered fascinating ideas that have enriched my efforts in teaching fractions to my 7-year-old!

Since the initial release of Bard in the United States and the United Kingdom, we have received invaluable feedback and rapidly evolved to enhance your experience. Recently, Bard transitioned to PaLM 2, an immensely capable large language model, enabling a multitude of improvements, such as advanced mathematical reasoning, enhanced coding capabilities, and more. Notably, coding has emerged as one of the most popular activities with Bard in recent weeks.

However, this remarkable momentum is only the starting point. Today, we are thrilled to introduce fresh avenues for collaborative exploration with Bard, while offering insights into our visionary plans for the future.

Bringing Bard More Peoples to Engage with Creativity

With a commitment to continuous improvement and the introduction of exciting new functionalities, our aim is to make Bard accessible to a wider audience, encouraging them to experiment, provide valuable feedback, and share their experiences. Today, we are thrilled to announce the removal of the waitlist, enabling individuals from over 180 countries and territories to freely access Bard, with more regions set to follow suit.

That’s not all—Bard now proudly supports Japanese and Korean languages, and we are on track to extend our language support to encompass 40 languages in the near future. As we have emphasized since the inception of this project, large language models remain an emerging technology with inherent limitations. Therefore, as we expand our reach, we remain steadfast in upholding our rigorous quality standards, respecting cultural nuances, and adhering to our AI Principles.

Elevating Your Interactions with Bard

In the near future, Bard will undergo a transformation, introducing a visual dimension to both its responses and your prompts. Prepare to embark on a more vibrant journey as you inquire about topics like, “What are some must-see sights in New Orleans?” Alongside textual information, Bard will provide insightful responses complemented by captivating visuals, offering you a deeper understanding of your exploration.

Elevate Your Coding Experience & Export Features

To ensure the continuous improvement of Bard, we recognize the importance of collaborating with our users and integrating their valuable feedback. As part of this ongoing effort, we have incorporated developers’ suggestions into several key coding upgrades, including the following:

  1. Enhanced Source Citations
  2. Introducing Dark Theme
  3. Introducing the “Export” Button

In response to the frequent requests for assistance with drafting emails and documents, we are also launching two new Export Actions. This enables users to effortlessly transfer Bard’s responses directly into Gmail and Docs. For example, suppose you’re a passionate pickleball enthusiast like myself. You can ask Bard to compose an email invitation for your newly formed pickleball league, summarizing the game’s rules and emphasizing its inclusive nature for all ages and skill levels. Simply click the “draft in Gmail” button, allowing you to make final adjustments before launching your pickleball league with a splash.

By actively engaging with our users and incorporating their insights, we are dedicated to refining Bard’s functionalities to better serve your coding and productivity needs.

Connecting Bard with Your Favorite Services

In our exciting journey ahead, we are thrilled to introduce new ways to ignite your imagination and curiosity. By seamlessly integrating the capabilities of popular Google apps and services like Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps, and more, we are bringing a comprehensive experience right into Bard. Rest assured, you have full control over your privacy settings, allowing you to tailor the usage of these tools and extensions according to your preferences.

Our vision for Bard is to become the ultimate destination for your creativity, productivity, and curiosity. To fulfill this vision, we are actively working towards connecting Bard with a wide range of invaluable Google apps and expanding partnerships with esteemed entities like Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram, and Khan Academy.

The future holds incredible opportunities for Bard as we establish seamless integration with tools from Google and an array of remarkable services across the web. Together with our highly advanced large language models, Bard empowers you to achieve and create anything your imagination can conceive. The possibilities are limitless when human ingenuity combines with Bard’s generative AI capabilities.


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